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Thank you very much for your interest in Firefly Women! :)

Here is some information for you before you begin watching the show.


This Digital piece is an artistic response to letters written from jail by two young women, wrongly incarcerated under a draconian law and Rokaya Sakhawat Hossain’s short story, Sultana’s Dream. This 5 day journey will take you through the letters and the fictional landscape of the short story as they make inroads into feminist solidarity, resilience and hope in these dark times.

“2020 was the year of being falsely framed and arrested under UAPA, it was also the year of encountering rainbows in the skies, the polluted skies of the old city, to have found one, even in Jail. Now, we wait for a firefly.”

- 23rd May 2021, Devangana Kalita in a letter written from Tihar


Firefly Women is divided into 5 chapters.

Everyday from 5th to 9th of April '22 a new chapter will be released at 6pm IST.

Each one will stay live for 24 hours only.

Every chapter will be accompanied by a prompt/ question for the audience. We welcome you to send us your responses. However, it is not mandatory to engage with us through these mediums if you do not feel inclined/ inspired to do so. 

As today is the penultimate day of the performance, we have made all 5 chapters of the show available to watch for a day for those who may have missed watching them.

<<  We recommend viewing the show on a laptop if you have access to one  >>​


Register by entering your name and email ID below. This information is confidential and will only be used to share further information about Firefly Women as the work develops further. If you do not feel inclined to share your personal information, please know that it is absolutely okay and you may still watch the show by logging into everyday from the 5th to 9th of April 2022.

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